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Perfect Brain Teaser Puzzles /Escape Room Puzzles/ Cryptex Puzzle Challenges for Your Escape Room.

Puzzle Pod Cryptex (Original)

With ample room to accept a variety of items held within, Puzzle Pod makes a great addition to the collection of puzzles in your escape room. Make participants use their detective and code breaking skills to gain access. Easy to change combination.

Vino Vault Wine Bottle Cryptex

Add a secret "message in a bottle" to your escape room puzzles. Vino Vault accepts many standard sized 750ml bottles. It can also make a great corporate gift for those that successfully complete and escape from your room.

Puzzle Pod Junior Cryptex

Puzzle Pod Junior provides an affordable three letter code word challenge for your escape room puzzles collection. The correct code allows the drawer to be removed and access to keys (metal or card), paper notes, etc. This can also make a fun promotional item for gift cards to promote your escape room business.

Pill Pod

Pill Pod's main product intent has been for securing Rx medications at home, however, as a four digit combination locking container, it has also been adopted and found its way into escape rooms. The container can accept any number of larger sized items and can make a excellent addition to your escape room puzzles.